Finance package unveiled for London Battersea Tube link

Wandsworth Council is set to agree to an innovative financing package for an extension of the Northern Line to Battersea.

The proposal, which has been worked up over the past year between Wandsworth and Lambeth Councils, the GLA and HM Treasury,  would use Enterprise Zone legislation to capture local business rates revenue and channel it into the delivery of this major infrastructure project.

This is the first time such a scheme has been brought forward in England and could set a new blueprint for financing growth and job creating transport schemes.

The proposal involves the GLA borrowing up to £1bn to pay for the Tube extension, with a repayment guarantee provided by the UK Government to minimise borrowing costs.

Loan repayments would be made through two revenue streams:

1)            Contributions from local developers collected by the local authorises under the section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) regimes.

2)            The growth in business rates revenue within a new ‘Nine Elms Enterprise Zone’ which would include the regeneration area’s key development sites. The zone would stay in operation for at least 25 years.

A map showing the proposed areas of Wandsworth and Lambeth included in the zone can be viewed at:

Over time these funding sources are expected to cover the complete repayment of the loan.

Enterprise Zones usually offer incoming businesses a discount on their rates bills to stimulate growth and investment. In this proposal, it would be used purely as a mechanism to fund the Northern Line Extension. There would be no changes to planning powers within the zone, which would remain under the control of the local authorities.

The financing package would need to be agreed by Wandsworth Council, Lambeth Council and Transport for London before it can included in an application to build the scheme under the Transport and Works Act. TfL plans to submit this application by the end of April and the three authorities will decide whether to approve the plans before then.