Finnish Cable Ferry Replacement Programme – Lövö Bridge

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Ramboll’s Lövö bridge in Finland spans the gap between the islands of Lövö and Söljeholmen – a distance of almost 500 metres and forms part of the Finnish Transport Agency scheme to replace cable ferries with bridges throughout southwest Finland and the Turku Archipelago.

It is a composite girder construction, featuring a reinforced concrete deck eight metres in width. With its height of 18 metres and maximum span length of 100 metres, 98% of ships are able to pass under the Lövö bridge without the risk of collision. The remaining taller vessels are forced to re-route south of Kasnäs.

The LövöIt was constructed by engineering firm Ramboll, reaching completion in the summer of 2011. The steel structures of the bridge were built by Ruukki, with Skanska Infra Oy as the general contractor.

The notoriously icy conditions of the area were a particular concern when designing the Lövö bridge. To withstand these extreme marine conditions and provide a steady base, the Lövö’s piers rise an impressive 20 metres above the surface of the water, while its piles plunge beneath the surface by the same distance. This heavy duty construction possesses a maximum 300 tonne collision capacity.

Richard Greenan