C. F. Møller develops Revsing Power Station

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C. F. Møller has created a new design concept for switchgear stations for the Danish energy infrastructure operator Energinet.dk. The first 400 kW station is now ready for operation.

With the Danish Government eager to give the power grid an aesthetic upgrade, Energinet.dk has decided not to construct a large open-air switchgear station in Vejen, Jutland, but instead a gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) station. A key concept has been to give the technical enclosure of the station, placed in the open landscape, a distinct architectonic profile, while maximising future flexibility.

The new Revsing Station is a nerve centre of the Danish power grid, through which increasing volumes of sustainable energy – mostly wind power – will be transported. The GIS station comprises 175 kilometres of the new 400 kW high voltage cable that runs through central Jutland. This new link will represent a massive upgrade to the Danish grid, and will ensure that power from Danish wind farms is transported efficiently to the necessary areas.

The Revsing station is designed as a series of modules arranged in series, which create a transparent gill-like envelope with triangular openings. This structure allows ample daylight into the interior while offering glimpses of the GIS units at the heart of the building.

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