Latest figures show UK is on track for 2020 renewables targets

UK energy targets

According to a recent report in The Times, Britain is “more than halfway to hitting its 2020 green electricity targets after a sharp rise in the amount of power being generated from renewable energy projects”.

The article goes on to state that latest official energy statistics show that “about one in six electrons running around Britain’s homes come from wind turbines, solar panels, hydro plants or burning wood chippings”.

On its website, the Department for Energy and Climate Change states:  “Renewables’ share of electricity generation was a record high of 15.5 per cent in 2013 Q2, up 5.8 percentage points on the share in 2012 Q2.”

But where are these increases principally coming from? Fastest growing is one of the nation’s most intensely controversial forms of renewable energy: wind farms – as the DECC’s statistics show.

It reports, “Electricity generated from onshore wind rose by 70 per cent between 2012 Q2 and 2013 Q2, from 2.2 TWh to 3.8 TWh, while generation from offshore wind increased by 51 per cent on a year earlier, from 1.6 TWh to 2.5 TWh, due to much increased capacity, as well as high wind speeds.”

The burning of biomass was up by 60% – another considerable growth spurt. This figure includes combined firing with coal in conventional power stations. Both solar and hydro’s contributions were up by about 25 per cent.