New Images of Britannia Airport Plan


The promoters of London’s proposed Britannia Airport, TESTRAD (Thames Estuary Research and Development Company), have released fresh surface access plans and concept images highlighting the chief regenerative and economic benefits that could be realised from the £45b development value, should an Estuarine Airport be selected from an array of proposed schemes for further consideration next week by the Sir Howard Davies Aviation commission recommendations.


Bridget Rosewell, OBE, Technical Director London Britannia Airport, said: “Over the next forty to fifty years, as the world continues to develop and grow, London will continue to be attractive and could well grow by another 3 million people or even more. This would require at least another 1 million dwellings and probably more. This strain on capacity could be met by the reuse of Heathrow, while the airport could operate much more effectively where there are no residents. What’s not to like?”

Ian Mulcahey, Technical Director London Britannia Airport, said: “As significant questions emerge over the feasibility and practicality of the Isle of Grain as a possible location, the London Britannia Airport scheme in the Thames Estuary appears to be the only credible alternative to Heathrow. With zero noise disruption, zero demolition and only 30 minutes from central London the £47bn scheme.”