Rotterdam Centraal Station: New transport hub for Europe

Rotterdam Centraal Station is the first in a series of new and larger stations in the Netherlands, which are part of the largest railway stations development and innovation since the creation of the Dutch railways, 175 years ago.

Every day 110,000 people pass through the station area making it an important transport hub where rail, metro, bus, tram, bicycle and taxi merge together. With an expectation of more than 320,000 passengers per day in 2025 due to the HSL and light rail the station had to be expanded and prepared for international rail passenger.


The new station is more spacious, visually enhanced by a large glass window with direct views of the city, tram and bus station. A large proportion of the 250m-long roof structure is transparent and more than a third of the entire roof features solar cells, estimated to generate 320 megawatts per annum.

Rotterdam Central Station

The 18 track platforms are accessible via a 50m wide passage under the tracks on either side of commercial facilities. The station also houses another 4,000m2 of offices. The north side that faces the Provenierswijk neighbourhood features an entrance where the public area flows seamlessly into the station and the existing tunnel has been retained, further connecting the station to the port.

Before the construction of the new station could start a temporary station had to be completed with a replacement station, temporary bicycle storage and a new passenger bridge built over the tracks. The existing western bicycle tunnel was converted into a temporary passenger tunnel. Existing concourses also had to be demolished.

A statement from the design team (Benthem Crouwel Architects, MVSA Meyer and Van Schooten Architecten, and West 8) reads: “The city of Rotterdam is drawn to the new station via the compaction of the small-scale urban texture surrounding the public transport terminal. The entire railway zone becomes one with the city. This finer urban texture with new sightlines and a mixture of living and working will dramatically improve the quality of life and the environment of the station area.”

480_Rotterdam_Centraal_N105_Team CS

From the start in 2004, ARCADIS for this project all engineering and technical advice for ProRail. This involved the whole process of feasibility studies, structural, installation and rail design, integrated design coordination, contracting to construction management. ARCADIS worked together with other parties such as design TEAM CS, the consortium BTRC and the Engineering Public Works Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Central Station

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