Bangkok’s skyride and skypark


Jon Sealey, Design Director of Marques and Jordy has submitted proposals to transform Bangkok’s skytrain system.

He proposes an elevated bicycle lane coined as “the skyride” which cantilevers from the existing train line structure. “The idea of the skyride is to reduce the congestion on the roads and encourage people to commute to work by cycling.” Explains architect Jon Sealey.


The sky ride offers a 55km of unparalleled cycle root through the heart of Bangkok and the suburbs East to the airport. Commuting times to the commercial centre would be reduced by as much 1.5 hours. “Bangkok is incredibly congested and the sky ride offers a way to reduce traffic and get people cycling.”

The proposal also offers an elevated park and a lowline park. The skypark landscape will be designed to reflect the identity of each local community it passes through and features local artworks and much needed public park space through the city. Jon explains “Bangkok is suffocated by concrete high rises. Development over the last 30 years has seen a massive decline in green space in the city. The skypark will provide the people of Bangkok with new accessible areas to enjoy running, walking and viewing the city from an elevated platform.”


The lowline will be a vibrant area for street vendors, markets and green space. Large sphere tent structures will have a variety of uses from housing emergency care units to structures to grow crops for the local communities.​


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May 16, 2014 11:32 am
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11 thoughts on “Bangkok’s skyride and skypark

  1. pranee

    This is a really possitive idea. I am from Bangkok and can honestly say this is really needed. The fact Jon Sealey is using the existing skytrain structure and facilities is very interesting indeed. I think this development would help the congestion situation, reduce communting times and add a huge amount of value to the city! a superb design and a superb idea! Will parts of it be covered? i think local schools could add some value to the “community art” proposal too. Fantastic!

  2. Jon Sealey

    By utilizing the existing BTS structure not only with it save space in very dense areas of the city but also save dramatically on cost. Also, the width of the cycle track and the park are actually no wider than the existing stations, this complies with Bangkok’s lighting laws. The Skypark is also designed to not restruct views out from the passing trains and actually enhance the fun of riding the Skytrain. Sections of the Skycycle will be covered, mainly towards the city, however, the line towards the Airport will be left open. Thanks for you reply Pranee, It’s apriciated!

  3. Mahatthana

    Really creative Jon. Hope to see this to help the heavy traffic in Bangkok.
    One question, What is the red part at the bottom ? colour painted or flower ?

  4. giz

    Could be quite useful. I’m wondering though, how will the sky ride be connected to the streets and destinations such as shopping centres, schools, offices, so you can actually access these by bicycle? Or are there only access points at the BTS stops and should a cyclists then use the BTS stairs/escalators to go up and down?

  5. jon sealey

    Mahatthana: The underside of the existing structure will be designed differently throughout the 55km. The red shown in the renders is native flowers which Thailand is renowned for. The flowers in this section would also create an incredible fragrance. Each local community the BTS travels through will help to design the sections in community competitions.

    Giz: Access to the SKyride will be from existing lift systems in some parts of the city and new wide lifts will be constructed in areas of the city center.

  6. Jon Sealey

    Giz: A good question. The Skyride will be accesed from existing stations, many of which are intern already linked to shopping malls in the city centre. Insome parts of the city ( mainly the city centre) extra lifts are needed at certain stations for bike access but stations located further out will utilise existing lift systems. Pedestrian staircase within the BTS stations will only be used as emergency access.

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